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Why are They Called Plantar Warts?

#AnchorageAK Doctor Mark Rindlisbacher here; your favorite podiatrist in Anchorage. Do you ever wonder where plantar warts get their name? Let me tell you. When a wart that is caused by a virus develops on the bottom of the foot, it is called a plantar wart because the area of the foot where they develop [...]

Guarding Against Flatfoot

#AnchorageAK You may have heard the stories of others that have developed flatfoot, and have been a bit concerned about developing the condition yourself. Hi, I’m Doctor Mark Rindlisbacher, a podiatrist in Anchorage, and I have good news for you. There are some simple steps that you can take to avoid flatfoot. One of the [...]

Stopping a Bunion in its Tracks

#AnchorageAK “Bunion” is a dreaded word for many people when they go to a podiatrist. Hi, this is Doctor Mark Rindlisbacher. I’m a podiatrist in Anchorage, where a number of residents deal with problems with their feet, including bunions. A bunion is characterized by the bending of the big toe, followed by a protruding of [...]