Ways to Prevent Ingrown Toenails, Part Two

#AnchorageAK Hello friends! This is Doctor Mark Rindlisbacher here again today to talk to you about ways that you can prevent ingrown toenails. Although not many people like to talk about it, I’m sure there are a number of you in Anchorage that are struggling with this painful condition.
One of the most significant factors that causes people to develop an ingrown toenail is improper footwear. If your shoes are too tight and are pinching your toes, it may be causing your nails to curl. Shoes that chafe or restrict the foot day after day will eventually catch up with you in one form or the other, including the development of an ingrown toenail.
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How to Tell if You Have Flatfoot

#AnchorageAK No, I didn’t say Big Foot. Today we are talking about a condition called flatfoot that is found in many children, but can also develop in those of any age.
Hello there, I’m Doctor Mark Rindlisbacher and I have a podiatry office here in Anchorage, where I spend my days helping people just like you recover from various ailments of the feet.
Flatfoot can be identified quite easily. If your feet have lost their arch and seem to be completely flat, then alas, you have the condition. One way to tell is to wet your feet and step firmly on a dry surface so that your imprint is left behind. If there is no space missing for your arch, you in fact are flat-footed.
The good news is that flatfoot is treatable, and you don’t have to live with it for the rest of your life. I encourage you to come see me, Doctor Rindlisbacher, here in Anchorage and let’s get you back on the road to recovery!
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Morton’s Neuroma: What is it?

#AnchorageAK Morton’s Neuroma is an agonizing disease. As a podiatrist, I can tell you that this condition is certainly nothing you want to ignore.
Hi, my name is Doctor Mark Rindlisbacher and I would like to teach my friends in Anchorage today about the interesting yet debilitating disease called Morton’s Neuroma.
Morton’s Neuroma is a condition where the lateral plantar nerve joins with the the medial plantar nerve to form one large nerve between the third and fourth toes. When you walk and put pressure on this enlarged nerve, radiating pain is often felt throughout the foot, and some may feel as if they have a pebble in their shoe.
At my office here in Anchorage we want to help those suffering with Morton’s Neuroma and keep the problem from growing more severe. I invite you to come see me, Doctor Rindlisbacher, and let me bring you some much-needed relief!
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