No Fear of the Foot Doctor

#AnchorageAK It’s understandable why some may have a fear of the dentist, or going to their primary physician for a colonoscopy, or even having an annual physical. However, when it comes to the podiatrist, there is no need to have the slightest sense of fear.
I know. I’m Doctor Mark Rindlisbacher and I’m a foot doctor in Anchorage.
Having an examination of your feet is one of the most easy and painless appointments you will ever have. In fact, if you’re like many people, you may be ticklish on the bottom of your feet, and will especially have to hold in the giggles during your visit.
Furthermore, our office in Anchorage fosters a very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, which further makes your appointment a pleasure. We hope to see you soon!
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What is Neuropathy?

#AnchorageAK Neuropathy is an interesting foot ailment, since many can suffer from it and not even know it.
I’m Doctor MarkRindlisbacher and today’s blog is about the condition called neuropathy, which I tackle as a podiatrist here in Anchorage.
The word “neuro” stands for the body’s nervous system. Your nervous system is what gives you the ability to feel and discern the difference between hot and cold, smooth and sharp. If the nerves become damaged in any way, the body — in this case, the foot — becomes numb. However, nerve damage can also result in shooting pains and muscle weakness that can be quite miserable.
If you think that you might have neuropathy, I invite you to visit me, Doctor Rindlisbacher, at my office here in Anchorage.
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