Healing Hammertoes, Part Three

#AnchorageAK I’m Doctor Mark Rindlisbacher, and today we are going to wrap up our series on the foot condition called hammertoes. I hope that many of you in the Anchorage area have found this information to be helpful.
Many times people try to treat their ailments, such as hammertoes, by using topical creams and lotions. While doing so may help to dissipate some of the redness and inflammation associated with the condition, it only helps to alleviate symptoms, while never addressing the root cause of the problem.
It is important to sit down with a podiatrist and discover the root cause of your hammertoes. Why not come see me, Doctor Rindlisbacher, at my office here in Anchorage and we’ll get you on the right path, so that you can truly experience healing for your hammertoes.
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From Painful to Pampered

#AnchorageAK I know that you don’t want your feet to hurt anymore. You’re tired of the suffering, and you know that you need help. Well, you’ve come to the right place.
I’m Doctor Rindlisbacher and I am a local foot doctor here in Anchorage. I want to help relieve the pain and suffering that you are experiencing and make your feet happy and healthy again. Maybe you’ve even shed a few tears because of the intense ache that you feel after standing on your feet all day. Perhaps you’ve been longing to wear sandals, but have been afraid to because of the embarrassment you feel about how your feet look.
You need to find relief right away. Wouldn’t it be so nice just to go for a pedicure again? I can make it happen, but you need to come see me, Doctor Rindlisbacher. I invite you to visit my podiatry office in Anchorage and take the first steps to freedom.
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What Does Fungal Nail Look Like?

#AnchorageAK Fungal nail is not a pretty sight. If you have it, you know that there’s a serious issue with your nail.
Hello everyone, this is Doctor Mark Rindlisbacher here today to give residents of Anchorage a few pointers in identifying the common condition called fungal nail.
Fungal nail appears in four variations:
1) The nail begins turning white or yellow and begins to detach from the bed at the sides.
2) A layer of foreign white material appears on the nail and persists on a daily basis.
3) The cuticles turn yellow, making the nail appear as if it is discolored at the root.
4) The entire nail plate turns yellow or green and becomes painful and swollen.
If you have fungal nail, I can help. I invite you to visit me, Doctor Rindlisbacher, at my podiatry office here in Anchorage.
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