Dr. Mark Rindlisbacher
Alaska Podiatry Group
4048 Laurel St Ste. 204
Anchorage Alaska 99508

I have been serving the people of Alaska and working out of Anchorage since 1994 and have been in practice about 24 years total. Alaska has been and continues to be a great place to practice podiatry, to live, and to raise a family. In 1994 I purchased a podiatry practice that was founded by Dr. Kingland. He was the first podiatrist in Alaska. Dr. Kingland was known for loving his work and caring well for his patients. I also love what I do and want to give my patients the best and the most caring foot care I can.

Painful, tired, numb or sore feet are not normal.  You may have tried to relieve your foot pain or problems by trying well meaning advice from friends or loved ones, or over-the-counter “fixes”. You may have even tried going to a doctor and you still could be having problems. I really do enjoy helping my patients and will give you the time to tell me what is going on. I try to listen and to treat my patients with the care and consideration I would expect if I were being seen by a doctor.

If your feet hurt, please consider calling our office for an appointment and evaluation.

Thank you.